A community of believers in Jesus Christ who labor to bear the fruits of the Spirit.

What we do

We believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God. At Concord Church of Christ we use God’s holy message as way to develop a closer and more meaningful relationship with God and our Lord Jesus Christ. We use the Bible to offer practical teaching for all phases of our lives. We encourage personal and spiritual growth through prayer, Bible study, and active service in our church and community.

What you can do

At Concord Church of Christ, we encourage active participation when we come together to worship.  Our assemblies are always family integrated as we sing together, pray together, and learn together.  On second Sundays we share lunch together as family.

Songbooks are available and page numbers are provided so that everyone can sing together.   All engage in listening to a message from the Bible guided by one of the men of the church.  Various men take their arranged turns so that you and your family can benefit from hearing each message. ​

We also encourage active participation among the group and individuals to serve the community.  We have regular Bible studies and advocate in-home Bible studies.  We seek and provide avenues of ministering to the needs of the citizens of Gainesville and the surrounding communities.  You can help by volunteering in our efforts to best utilize your talents to meet the needs of the community!


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